Monday, April 04, 2011

Life Links 4/4/11

Some groups with pro-choice positions want murder and attempted feticide charges against Bei Bei Shuai dropped. Shuai took rat poison while she was pregnant in an attempt to kill herself. She survived but her child died shortly after being born. Notice in the video how Dr. David Orentlicher calls Angel Shuai, the child who died after birth, a "fetus."

Ed Brayton joins the chorus of pro-choicers who apparently have such a small view of women they think women are unable to pursue future dreams if they have children.

John Piper passes on something from the January issue of First Things regarding Incan child sacrifice:
The findings lend credence to the accounts of Spanish conquistadors that described how children were selected for sacrifice from all across the empire, based on their physical perfection. We shudder at such brutal backwardness.

Today, using prenatal screening, we scour the empire for children with physical imperfections and sacrifice them to ourselves.

Sixteen unborn children, mostly female, aged 4-6 months were recently found in India in jars.

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