Thursday, June 11, 2009


I hate lines like this:
Maybe a good mother knows when it’s time to terminate, for her sake and for her child’s.

It’s the last line in an e-mail from a pregnant woman, who e-mailed a New York Times parenting blog looking for advice from the blog’s readers on what she should do.

What kind of person actually thinks that terminating their unborn child is something to do for the sake of the child?

Do they not understand abortion isn’t something where the child is put on pause and then magically reappears when the mother is more ready to give birth?

Do they not understand that abortion, err... I mean, termination kills the child?

Imagine the amount of convoluted rationalizing it must take to think that you’re going to kill your unborn child for your child’s sake.

It's almost like she knows she shouldn't have an abortion just because her situation isn't perfect so she has to think of some way to not make it completely about her own desires.

UPDATE:If you want to make yourself sick, read some of the comments replying to the e-mail. You'll get an idea about how selfish and broken some segments of our society are. An example from Billy Bob,
Get an abortion. I know the advice is so 80’s, but get an abortion. It’s cheap and simple. There are too many people around anyway.

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