Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life lInks 6/18/09

RH Reality Check has launched section of their web site devoted to finding common ground entitled ”On Common Ground” with posts by various individuals (a couple of whom are prolife) and various legislative proposals which attempt to find common ground.

At World Magazine’s blog, Alisha Harris writes, “The problem I see so far is that finding common ground makes it hard to break new ground or move the debate forward. Civility is vital, but it is also pointless if it suffocates an authentic discussion of the deep tensions still there.”

CBN’s David Brody notes,“One quick note: on a separate part of their site they blast religious right organizations. It really takes away from their credibility when it comes to seeking common ground. It's a confusing message.”

Fallopian tubes removed during hysterectomies could be another source for adult stem cells. From the BBC:
The latest work by a Brazilian team from the University of São Paulo suggests fallopian tubes, discarded during the course of hysterectomies or female sterilisation operations, can be added to this list.

Once harvested, the scientists were able to multiply and then coax the mesenchymal stem cells to turn into apparently healthy muscle, fat, cartilage and bone cell lines in the lab.

Rebecca Taylor writes on how embryo adoption sends chills up the spines of some abortion advocates.
Here in lies the twisted hypocrisy so typical of those who defend abortion at all costs. Some couples want to use their "reproductive rights" by "adopting" other couples unwanted embryos. But this might just wake up the public to the fact that embryos and fetuses are actually living human organisms which is a threat to abortion-on-demand and research on embryos. Therefore, it is okay to disparage couples who choose "adopt" embryos and the people who facilitate the adoption as "anti-abortion" and "anti-stem cell" even though they are just exercising their "reproductive rights."

So tossing your "left-over" embryos or donating them to research is good because it fits with the whole pro-abortion mentality. But putting your embryos up for adoption and allowing them to finish their lives is bad because it challenges the morality of abortion-on-demand and embryo-destructive research. No wonder "embryo adoption" has pro-choicers worried.

While the rest of California is struggling to stay afloat, the budget of their embryonic stem cell agency is slated to increase by 25%.
The largest component of the budget goes for salaries and benefits, which are projected at $7.4 million for 47 employees. That is $1.9 million more than this year's estimated figure of $5.5 million. Personnel costs next year amount to an average of roughly $150,000 in salaries and benefits for each CIRM employee.

Cytotec - the drug of choice for men all over the world who don’t want their wives or girlfriend to have a baby. This time a man in Ghana has been arrested for slipping the drug into his pregnant girlfriend’s drink.

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