Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Emmie" chooses to kill her child

"Emmie," the woman who wrote into a New York Times parenting blog looking for advice regarding her unplanned pregnancy has decided to have an abortion and her thought process seems to mirror the thought process of many women in unplanned pregnancies who eventually end up choosing abortion.
So many of the comments urged me to consider adoption but I already feel so attached to the little zygote inside of me (my friend named it Ziggy) that I don’t think I could carry a baby to term just to give it away. The mere thought of handing my child to someone else, as altruistic as it is, breaks me.
Notice the claim of attachment right alongside the attempt at dehumanizing her child by using a term (zygote) which attempts to make her unborn child sound less developed. The thought of altrustically not killing the child and making an adoption "breaks" her but the thought of killing the child seems to have no negative consequences.

After the father decides he can provide emotional support for the abortion and drive her to the clinic, Emmie writes,
I firmly believe that there’s nothing to regret here and we didn’t do anything wrong. Birth control fails. People get scared. They underestimate themselves and each other. Everything will be okay
But what about Ziggy? Will Ziggy be okay? You know, the child you were just so attached to you couldn't make an adoption plan?

But this comment takes the cake:
The one thing I realized, when I pulled all the comments together, was that a baby is too precious and wonderful to not plan for — I owe the children I have a better head start.
So you'll kill the ones that you can't give the best head start to so they don't have to go through life starting behind? What a sickening attempt to act like this act of selfishness is an act of selflessness.

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