Thursday, June 11, 2009

Still not getting it

Patricia Beninato, the founder of the I’m Not Sorry web site, recently joined the chorus of pro-choicers who are seemingly appalled at Justice For All’s training manual. Patricia admits she hadn’t yet read all of the PDF pages posted by RH Reality Check but she still believes it’s one of the “most (expletive)-up documents” she's ever read. I left the following comment trying to understand the pro-choice reaction to this training manual:
I’m trying to understand the pro-choice fury over this training manual and I’m just not getting it. You don’t provide any example of what’s so horrible in the document. Marcotte and Jill from Feministe claim the documents is filled with lies but I can’t find any example where Justice for All is trying to intentionally deceive people into believing something they know to be false. I just don’t understand what’s so heinous about having a manual which trains prolifers to talk about the issue with college students some of whom who will obviously be pro-choice.

Here’s her response:
J–as the saying goes, if I have to explain it to you you’re not getting it. Is this group going into the ghettoes and saying stuff like this to young black women? Are they going to historically black campuses with this stuff? That would be a resounding no. Groups like these focus on young nubile white women, the last hope of the Aryan race. THAT’S what pisses me off.

This response seemed even stranger than being horrified that a prolife organization training volunteers to talk to college students. Especially, since if you take a look at JFA recent campus events, you can see that most of them appear to be at large state schools (which typically pride themselves on ethnic diversity) in states with high percentages of minorities.

Is it me or does it not make any sense at all to be opposed to a prolife organization having a training manual for volunteers because those prolifers set up displays with images of displays of aborted children on large college campuses as opposed to ghettos?

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