Thursday, February 07, 2008

Life Links 2/7/08

Wesley Smith has news of a man in Oregon who killed his wife and will likely try to defend his killing as a mercy killing.

A leader of a Catholic homeschool group is compiling the thoughts of some of her students who attended the March for Life.

Will British scientists ever find an experiment involving embryos they don't like? Some researchers have created human embryos using the DNA from 3 people.

Some pro-choice leaders are laying out their reasons for supporting Hillary. I'm struggling to see how Obama would do anything different. I guess they don't think he's as much of pro-choice leader as Hillary is.

A pro-choice orgnaization in France is upset that a court has ruled that parents of miscarried child (regardless of fetal age) have the right to officially name their child.
Chantal Birman, deputy president of a pro-abortion and contraception group called ANCIC, said the court's determination would provide a powerful emotional argument for opponents of abortion, as it implied that a foetus or an embryo of any stage of development had the right to a name.

"A foetus is only viable after 26 weeks," said Birman, a midwife by training. "You have to take the timetable of pregnancy into account."

The decision "will help a rollback (on abortion rights) that has been taking place in Europe for the last few months," Birman told AFP, pointing to changes in Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain.

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