Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Life Links 2/12/08

A woman in England has discovered her unborn child is still living a month after being told the child died in the womb.

Dawn Eden links to a blog by a pro-choice feminist who recently had a difficult abortion experience with RU-486. The woman also experienced some emotional pain after the abortion and said that she "lost a baby" but is "more pro-choice than ever."

Dawn writes, "However much she may say she made the "right choice" for herself, I can't help thinking that women, let alone their unborn children, really do deserve better than abortion." Dawn's post is somehow evidence to Jill at Feministe that "professional prolifers" only care about women if they can use them as "political ping-pong balls." Jill's blog posts seem to be becoming more like Amanda Marcotte's every day.

Speaking of which, Jay provides a diagram of Marcotte's typical post.

Geron and Thomas Okarma are still claiming they start an embryonic stem cell clinical trial on human patients if they get FDA approval.

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