Friday, February 29, 2008

Life Links 2/29/08

Martin Haskell's abortion clinic in Dayton has recently lost its license due to a lack of admitting priveleges at local hospitals but a judge ruled the clinic can temporarily stay open because of abortions which have already been started. The clinic has stayed open for two weeks despite orders to shut its doors from the Ohio Department of Health. Martin Haskell is one of the abortionists who invented the partial-birth abortion technique.

Props to Jessica at Feministing for highlighting Planned Parenthood of Idaho's (or at least their vice president of development's) willingness to take a donation from an actor displaying racist motivations for his donation. One article from Idaho has Planned Parenthood sounding very unapologetic and claiming the call was misrepresented while the article Jessica links to has an apology along with attacks on the prolife group which made the calls.

According to the Daily Mail and the Mirror, a man in England has been charged and faces life in prison after mixing abortion pills with his girlfriend's food twice. The child somehow survived after being born 3 months premature.

A biotech company called PrimeGen has claimed to have created induced pluripotent stem cells without using genes which could cause cancer. The research has not been published in a peer-reviewed journal at this time.

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