Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life Links 2/28/08

Planned Parenthood must really dislike those prolife students at UCLA.

Michelle Malkin has a Haleigh Poutre update.

Andrea Mrozek critiques Joyce Arthur's opposition to the Unborn Victims of Violence legislation in Canada. I wonder when Arthur says, "I recognize and respect Ms. Talbot's grief over her loss" if she respects Talbot's grief over the loss of her unborn grandson or just respect Talbot's grief over the loss of her daughter.

This editorial by Laura Merritt in the Columbia Missourian on the efforts to outlaw human cloning for research in Missouri really shows how little some proponents of embryonic stem cell research know. I think Laura has been told so many lies and been fed so much hype about embryonic stem cell research that she actually might believe what she's written here. The judge forgot the election results because she recognized the language provided by Robin Carnahan is obviously biased? The total number of people embryonic stem cells will now help is up to 125 million? Do nearly half of Americans really have some condition stem cells could help?

A pastor in Ghana named Kwaku Anokye is on the run after using a herbal concoction to induce an abortion on one of his church members who was impregnated by another pastor. The pastor who induced the abortion at 4 months also apparently demanded sex from the woman in exchange for the inducing the abortion.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has upheld one of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundations patents on embryonic stem cell research.

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