Monday, February 11, 2008

Life Links 2/11/08

William Saletan reviewed Robert George's and Christopher Tollefsen's book Embryo in the New York Times. George and Tollefsen respond in the National Review Online.

In another example of pro-choice intolerance, a group of around 50 pro-choicers in Australia interrupted a prolife rally by storming the stage. The pro-choicers only left the stage after cops asked them to leave.

An Australian scientist has found what he believes to be stem cells in breast milk.
His team cultured cells from human breast milk and found a population that tested positive for the stem cell marker, nestin. Further analysis showed that a side population of the stem cells were of multiple lineages with the potential to differentiate into multiple cell types. This means the cells could potentially be "reprogrammed" to form many types of human tissue.

Here's an article in the Boston Globe about California's Institute of Regenerative Medicine and how the process of getting Cures! Cures! Cures! isn't that simple even if large amounts of money are thrown scientists' way.

Researchers at UCLA have jumped on the induced pluripotent stem cell train.

Last week's Friday Night Lights featured an unplanned pregnancy storyline. Here's how one reviewer explains the storyline.
The waitress that Jason Street had a one-night stand with shows up to tell him she"s pregnant. Jason can"t believe it, because everyone told him it wasn"t physically possible for him to have children. The nineteen-year-old waitress (rightly) is pretty set on an abortion until Jason lays it on super-thick about the tiny toes and fingers and how this is his one chance to have a child.
You can watch the episode online (if I recall correctly, the episode closes with Jason's meeting with the waitress) at's Friday Night Lights page. I wonder what our nation's abortion rate would be if every father made the kind of speech Jason Street makes.

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