Thursday, February 14, 2008

Life Links 2/14/08

Authorities in Italy took an aborted child from a hospital after a woman had a late-term abortion and a caller claimed the woman was having the abortion outside of legal limits.

A public school teacher in California has been placed on leave after showing his students the film The Silent Scream.

William Saletan replies to Robert George's and Christopher Tollefsen's reply to his review of their book. He pushes basically the same points he did in his original review. I'm also having trouble figuring out what his position is. Is he arguing early embryos aren't human organisms or is he arguing they aren't human persons? And if so, what is his definition of person and why should we accept it?

The Chicago Sun-Times provides a review of an article they published 30 years ago on abortion clinics in Chicago.
The Sun-Times/BGA team had people work undercover in six Michigan Avenue clinics. The team uncovered incompetent and unqualified doctors who performed abortions without giving their patients anesthetics. Sometimes, it made no difference if a woman was actually pregnant -- she'd still be sold an abortion.

In one truly horrifying case, a couple was sent to a disreputable Detroit abortionist whose dog accompanied the nurse into the operating room -- then lapped up blood from the floor.

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