Friday, February 15, 2008

Life Links 2/15/08

What kind of narcotics and what quantity of them lead someone to believe the New York Times has a bias against abortion? Ross Douhat has more. How can any rationale person find Debbie Nathan's article persuasive?

Jill from Feministe really needs to take a beginner's level class in logic. This post is embarassing and its borrowed title is simply ridiculous. A principal at a public school is against featuring a the story of a hardworking teenage student mother in the yearbook. Some individuals think this is because the school teaches abstinence-only education. From this, Jill assumes the administration is "likely 'pro-life.'" And leads her to write,
"And therein lies the entire crux of the anti-choice movement: They are willing to actively deny reality in order to promote their ideals."
What on earth does the "anti-choice movement" and "their ideals" have to do with one public school principal's (whose position on abortion is completely unknown) decision to prevent the printing of the story of teenage mother in the school yearbook? Grasping at straws, anyone?

Jill's typical ignorance of prolife movement is also quite apparent. I can't count the times I've seen stories in prolife publications about unmarried women choosing life for their children. Hey, but if one public school principal (whose position on abortion is unknown) is against printing the story then the whole of the prolife movement wants women who choose life to "piss off."

One American woman is set to pay a lot of money for a cloned dog.

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