Friday, February 07, 2014

Eclectablog’s Obamacare Posterboy Ed Mulak was convicted in 2006 for having child porn

Eddie Mulak via Eclectablog
In an attempt to shine a positive light on Obamacare, Eclectablog published a story by Amy Lynn Smith featuring 31-year-old “young invincible” Eddie Mulak and his experience with Obamacare. 
Unlike many of his fellow young Americans, who are expected to sign up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) right before the 2014 enrollment deadline on March 31, Mulak signed up in December. He knew the initial glitches at would be worked out — and they were. By the time he used the site to enroll he says it was “easy breezy.”
As a college student working multiple jobs, Mulak appreciates the tax subsidies that kept his premiums down to just $20 per month. The maximum he’ll have to pay out-of-pocket in a year is $750 and he has a $0 deductible. That’s right: zero. He also pays nothing for generic prescription drugs and just $10 to see his primary care physician. Mulak also got to choose his doctor, which was important to him.

I googled Ed Mulak as I wondered where someone would be working to get insurance for $20 a month.  I found a little more than I was expecting. 

This CBS News story from 2006 came up about a 23-year-old Edward Mulak being arrested for having child pornography on his computer.  At the time he was roommates with Ken Gourlay whose work setting up child porn web sites made the New York Times. 

I placed a comment at Electablog asking if it was the same Ed Mulak because they have the same name, live in the same area and the ages seem to line up.  My comment was deleted. 

When I tweeted the author and the web host (Chris Savage) about why my comment was deleted, Savage responded that he deleted the comment because it was not true and called me a "dumbass."   
My first thought was, “If it’s not the same guy then why would you delete the comment instead of merely saying, ‘That’s not him.’” So then I did some more web searching and found this story about an Ed Mulak who talks about his former addiction to crystal meth and his use of pornography.            

"Most times if there was ever the inclination to use again, ... it was immediately dashed away by thinking, 'Well, do you really want to go back to that?'" Mulak said. "'Do you really want to go back to being stuck in someone's basement, ... having sex ... watching porn and being down there and not realizing that three days have gone by?'
Edward Mulak 2009 via Otis

I then went to OTIS and found this rap sheet on Edward Mulak (the picture looks eerily similar to the one on Eclectablog) which notes a conviction for possession of child sexually abusive material, use of a computer to commit a crime, and possession of meth.

Among other current jobs, Eddie Mulak’s LinkdIN page lists that he is the Communications Director for Rudy Serra, a candidate for Michigan’s 27th House.  It also shows a lack of work history during the time Edward Mulak was in jail.

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