Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Criminal abortionist caught in Germany and extradited to U.S.

Local Georgia media outlets are reporting that abortionist Charles Rossman was caught in Germany and extradited back to Georgia after a decade on the run.
VPD says that Rossmann was arrested last year in Germany and has now been extradited to Valdosta, to face multiple counts of criminal abortion, drug charges and a FBI warrant for Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution.

Rossmann fled the area shortly after being investigated for performing illegal abortions at his medical practice in Valdosta.   

Here a LifeNews article on the 2003 case which involved a 31-week abortion.
The woman was 31-weeks pregnant at the time, Heaton said, and investigators
believe the woman may have requested the abortion because she feared the child
had Down syndrome.

After starting a procedure — presumably to induce labor — Rossmann allegedly
provided the woman with contact information and left her alone in his office,
Heaton said. The doors to the building were locked, though Heaton said the
woman could have left the building if she wanted and was able. There is no
indication that she was held against her will, he said.

The woman unsuccessfully attempted to contact Rossman, couldn’t reach him, and was forced to call 911.

Rossmann was subsequently charged with two more counts of criminal
abortion after two more alleged victims came forward. He is also charged with four counts of having prescription medications out of their original container. Rossmann’s office is also not licensed by the state for child births.

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