Friday, November 08, 2013

That important detail NARAL left out

In their latest effort to attack legislation which bans abortion after 20-weeks, NARAL has posted a video featuring Dana Weinstein discussing her late-term abortion. NARAL (and other pro-choice groups) have used Weinstein and her story before. 

What’s interesting about this new video is the detail NARAL leaves out.  The video says Dana had an abortion "after more than 20 weeks of pregnancy."  That’s true but the video seems  to imply that Dana's situation would have been affected by 20 week bans (which regulate abortions typically between 20-24 weeks). 

There’s one problem with that.  Dana had her abortion at 31 weeks.  This means 20-week bans wouldn’t have affected her case because her abortion was well passed the viability standard of 24 weeks.  That’s why she had Warren Hern (abortionist in Colorado) do her abortion.  There’s not many other abortionists doing abortions at 31 weeks.   

The federal 20-week ban wouldn't deter Hern from performing late-term abortions because he's already stated that he "will certify that any pregnancy is a threat to a woman's life."

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  1. Probably the only truths in that ad are that she was pregnant, she had an unfavorable diagnosis, and she went for a late abortion.

    While I have no doubt that the woman believes everything she said, the people who vetted her story KNEW that wherever she got the idea that a baby with anencephaly would be in constant pain, that idea has no basis in reality. The jury is split on whether babies with anencephaly feel the same feelings as any baby, or they feel absolutely nothing at all.

    They also KNEW that severe fetal indication abortions are such a small number of late abortions that if you made allowances for severe fetal indications, every late abortionist in the US would go broke the first month the law was in effect.

    They also KNEW that perinatal hospice is available to women who face a grave prenatal diagnosis. (How could they NOT know, with a perinatal hospice right next door to their hero George Tiller?) But they go with the unspoken but powerful message that this woman's choices were only abortion or watching her baby die a slow, hideous, painful death.

    They might not have known, because other hide this from them, that the circumstances of that woman's abortion had THREE strong mental health contraindications for abortion:

    1. Wanted pregnancy
    2. Prenatal diagnosis
    3. Abortion late in the pregnancy.

    Those are three solid mental health reasons to help a woman AVOID an abortion.

    They are cynically using that woman as a human shield so that when you go after the killers of viable fetuses, you seem to be attacking a bereaved mother.

    There are people that evil in the world, and some of them die without repenting.

    Which means that if God is just, there has to be a Hell. Because Heaven could NOT be Heaven if people who do that sort of thing and don't regret it are there to pollute it.