Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Indifferent, emotionless couple whine about cancelled abortion

The Texas Tribune has an article and a video interview with an engaged couple (John Lockhart and Marni Evans) who recently had an appointment for an abortion at Planned Parenthood cancelled.  Their appointment was cancelled because of 5th Circuit Court ruling on a Texas law which requires abortionists to have local admitting privileges.  Apparently, the abortionist at the Planned Parenthood in Austin didn’t have admitting privileges.     
Marni Evans, 37, a self-employed sustainability consultant, was scheduled to undergo a surgical abortion on Friday morning at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Austin. She said in an interview that she received a call from Planned Parenthood late Thursday evening informing her that her procedure for the following day had been canceled due to the appellate court ruling.

“My first reaction was to feel fairly devastated, to feel like my rights were being taken away from me,” Evans said, "to feel very disappointed that elected officials had the ability to make decisions about my and my fiancĂ©’s life.”

After the cancellation, Evans went online to find another provider. She said she struggled to determine which abortion clinics around the state were still providing abortion services and had available appointments.

At six and a half weeks pregnant, Evans said, “it is important for me to have an abortion now, and I think probably less painful, less expensive and less emotionally heart-wrenching.” To avoid delaying the procedure, she decided to purchase a plane ticket to Seattle, where she previously lived, to have the procedure at a Planned Parenthood clinic there. She used frequent flyer miles she said she had saved for her honeymoon.

How did the Texas Tribune find Evans and Lockhart so quickly if they weren’t involved with pro-choice groups?

Here’s how.  Evans used her twitter account to contact various individuals in the media.  In other words, she had her appointment cancelled and then went to the media with the story nearly immediately.  What kind of person does that?  Someone trying to gain fame in progressive circles, perhaps?

When Planned Parenthood cancelled her abortion, why didn’t they refer her to the other abortionist in town who could have done her abortion?  If Planned Parenthood really cared for their patients and abortion is such an important service wouldn’t it make sense that they would refer to another provider?   Or did they refer her and Evans forget to mention that?

After having her abortion cancelled why would Evans buy a plan ticket to Seattle instead of seeking out another in-state abortionist?  Is it really that hard to call other abortion clinics and ask if they are still doing abortions?  Does Evans not have basic life skills? 

She says she wanted to avoid the bureaucracy of Texas but if she just looked for another abortionist nothing would have changed except she would have gone to a different abortionist.  My guess is that the Seattle angle is a lame attempt to gain pity.  "Woe is me.  I have to travel out of state and waste my frequent flyer miles because I can't make phone calls."

Why does her fiancee think she’s going to have a different and more invasive procedure?  The only reason this would make sense is if she was scheduled to get a chemical abortion and is now past the deadline. 

The couple comes off as impulsive and rather thoughtless.  Are we really supposed to feel sorry for a middle-aged engaged couple who have enough resources to get a plane ticket to Seattle for an abortion without taking the time to see if there is another abortionist in town? 

I don’t. I feel sorry for the child they’re about to have killed. 

Dave Andrusko has more.


  1. Thanks for the info! I see that her tweet from November 13 of last year links, with apparent approval, to an article entitled "Having a Family Could be Good for your Career."

  2. Going public with her abortion plans seems to be the new strategy. That will reel in the those LEED consulting jobs.

  3. Anonymous7:29 PM

    "Does Evans not have basic life skills?" Um, maybe not. That's one reason people get abortions. There are many others.