Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sally Kohn ludicrously claims abortion activists exposed Gosnell

Pro-abort Sally Kohn seems to have lost her mind.

In a speech to NARAL reprinted at the Daily Beast, she asserts that Kermit Gosnell “was exposed because of abortion activists.”  She lists no source or evidence for this absurd claim as everyone with the slightest knowledge of Gosnell knows that he and his practices were exposed after a DEA raid, the Grand Jury report and subsequent reporting (pro-choicers providing a very small percentage of that reporting).  She seems to believe that some articles about Gosnell after he was arrested led to his arrest and convictions. 
Reading about the atrocities in Gosnell’s clinic—it takes your breath away. What he did was monstrous. Monstrous. And thanks to repeated exposure by reproductive justice activists and feminist journalists, Gosnell was exposed and arrested and tried and convicted for his crimes. What Gosnell did wasn’t medical treatment. It was illegal, unethical and criminal. Period.  

These must have been the same abortion advocates/clinics who were referring women seeking late-term abortion to Gosnell.  

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