Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Life Links 10/16/13

The Maryland Board of Physicians has closed the probe into abortionist LeRoy Carhart in the death of Jennifer Morbelli from complications of a late-term abortion.         
In his first direct comments on the case, Carhart said: “I totally believe that we did everything as correctly as possible.

“It’s a horrendous thing for the family and it’s hard for me. I think about it every day.” has the story of Auburn’s 100th homecoming queen and her prolife story.
Molly Ann Dutton made headlines on Saturday when she was crowned Auburn’s 100th homecoming queen.

This week, the 22-year-old horticulture student is making headlines, again; but it’s the story behind her unique "Light up LIFE" platform that’s getting all the attention this time around.

Dutton is the daughter of a young, married woman who survived a sexual assault in California and became pregnant, according to a news release this week from "Light up LIFE," the horticulture club-based group that ran her campaign. To compound matters, the woman’s husband gave her an ultimatum: Abort the baby or get a divorce.

Rather than having the abortion, Dutton’s mom chose to move to Alabama and carry the baby to term. She worked with Lifeline Children’s Services, a Christian adoption group in Birmingham, Ala., to place the child in a home. 

At the Hill’s Congress Blog, Marjorie Dannenfelser discusses how most late-term abortions are elective. 

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