Tuesday, September 17, 2013

WaPo claims "no evidence" of problem clinics after choosing to ignore evidence from last year's inspections

The Washington Post has an editorial in which they ludicrously claim that if Ken Cuccinelli is elected governor then “most of the remaining 18 (abortion) clinics are likely to shut their doors within months.”

Their evidence for this assertion is nowhere to be found and how Cuccinelli would go about this is left up to the reader’s imagination.         

Being in favor regulations which closed a couple of clinics (at the time abortion advocates claimed the regulations would close nearly all the clinics) apparently means Cuccinelli will be able to close more than half of the remaining clinics since they claim they won't be able to meet Virginia's standards. 
There is no evidence that women are at risk in Virginia’s abortion clinics, nor is there evidence of serious or widespread unsanitary conditions that endanger women’s health. The state’s clinics are pawns in the clash over abortion rights.
Except for the fact that when Virginia finally did inspect the clinics a year ago, inspectors found widespread deficiencies to the tune of 80 deficiencies in 9 clinics.   Seven clinics had “no clear division between clean and dirty utility areas” and four clinic had out-of-date drugs in stock.  Some did no background checks. 

And these were found after announced inspections. 

I couldn't find the Post coverage of the report of the inspected clinics except for this mention from an article about a Board of Health vote. 

“We are pleased that the Board wasn’t fooled by the abortion industry’s distractions from the real issue of abortion centers in Virginia found with bloody patient tables, unsanitized conditions and untrained staffs,” Cobb said in the statement, referring to clinic inspection reports she had publicized in the days leading up to the meeting. 

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