Wednesday, August 28, 2013

No one calls for abortion on demand, right?

Back in January, Katha Politt wrote a piece in the Nation which claimed that,
An “extreme” pro-choice position would be the one pro-lifers falsely claim Roe protects: it would permit abortion on demand up until the day before birth. No pro-choice organization calls for that.
At the time, I pointed out how some pro-choice organizations rally (not media savvy Planned Parenthood) behind the "abortion on demand and without apology" line.  

In hilarious fashion, the Nation published a piece by Jessica Valenti yesterday in which Valenti pushes the pro-choice movement to stop being so soft. 
It’s time resuscitate the old rallying cry for “free abortions on demand without apology.”

Valenti then goes on to describe All Above All, "a campaign dedicated to restoring public funding for abortion."

All Above All website's vision "is to restore public insurance coverage so that every woman, however much she makes, can get affordable, safe abortion care when she needs it."

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