Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Life Links 10/16/12

Notice the word that's missing in MoveOn.org's "abortion" ad featuring three Hollywood actresses. Here's a clue - it starts with A.

The Hill has an article on the Planned Parenthood vs. SBA list ad battle in battleground states.
In their ads, Planned Parenthood's political arms argue that Romney jeopardizes healthcare for low-income women when he vows to cut off funding for the group. Romney argues that federal funds need not support a major provider of abortions. The SBA List, meanwhile, paints President Obama as an extremist on abortion, highlighting his opposition as a state legislator to a bill the group says was meant to protect vulnerable infants. Obama has defended his vote, saying the measure would have hurt doctors and undermined Roe v. Wade. Overall, Planned Parenthood's political wing has spent roughly five times more than the SBA List on swing-state ads, which will continue airing next week.

At the New Statesmen, Mehdi Hasan writes about being a self-described "prolife lefty" and then about the response to his piece.
The reaction from left-liberal, 'pro-choice' commenters on Twitter yesterday reminded me that the right may have a point when they object to the left's shrill, one-sided, close-minded response to any attempt to debate certain social and ethical issues.

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