Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Eric Holder's wife tied to building which houses abortion clinic

No wonder the Justice Department has been working to quell the activities of sidewalk counselors.

This part was hilarious.
“No, absolutely not,” Tuckson said. “I’ve told you the truth: I do not technically own that property. My sister does not technically own that property. And if you say that we do, that is a lie.” 

Asked why she used the word “technically,” Tuckson said, “You need to do your own work and look at the deed. I pulled it up, and I’m looking at it right now. We are not on the deed.”

A Watchdog reporter asked Tuckson how she happened to have a copy of the deed to a piece of property she doesn’t own. After a very long pause, Tuckson replied, “I just pulled it up.”


  1. Anonymous12:05 AM

    You know, I am interested to know if you believe in the death penalty?

  2. Anonymous1:24 AM

    no response?

  3. I typically don't respond to anonymous comments plus that's not on the topic of this post. But if you're actually interested (as opposed to someone who just wants to lamely claim "You're in favor of the death penalty, so you're not prolife"), I'm somewhat conflicted on the death penalty. I live in a state where it's banned so the topic doesn't really come up that often.