Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Life Links 10/20/10

A man accused of attempting to force a woman to have an abortion at gunpoint has been charged with attempted murder, kidnapping and firearms charges. The attempted murder charge seems to be based on his attempt to kill his unborn child.
"He is charged with attempted murder for the attempt at gunpoint to force her to have an abortion against her will," O'Brien (the case's prosecutor) wrote.

"The (state) murder statute was amended a few years back to prohibit 'unlawful termination of a pregnancy' in order to avoid the debate whether an unborn fetus is a 'person' under the law.

"I have tried homicides where the murder victim was pregnant, and we were able to charge and convict for two counts, but this case is the first under these kinds of facts."

Here's another example of pro-choice intolerance:
Pro-Life Students of La Crosse had spent three hours Sunday setting out 1,100 crosses to resemble a cemetery on Wittich Field.

But the crosses were pulled from the ground sometime overnight and left stacked in heaps, group president Alyssa Gebel said. “I felt like our efforts went unnoticed and they mocked the views and beliefs of our group,” Gebel said. “It was a terrible thing to see on a campus that is so welcoming of free speech.”

The crosses weren’t damaged, she said, so the group set them up again along with another 400 that will remain on the field through Thursday.

Speigel Online International has an article about Polish women coming into Germany for abortions. It's a very pro-abort article but the end of the article notes how some European countries have limits on abortion which would be considered "severe" by pro-aborts in the U.S.
The fourth patient had come too late: She was already in the 19th week of her pregnancy. In Germany, abortions are only permitted until the 12th week. This patient will probably get back into her car and drive even further west. The Netherlands permit terminations until the 22nd week of gestation.

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