Saturday, December 19, 2009

Senator Nelson caves

Senator Ben Nelson has signed on to vote to end the filibuster of the health bill in the U.S. Senate giving Senator Reid and company the 60 votes they need to end the filibuster and get a vote on the Senate version of the bill.

Here’s how the Washington Post describes the “compromise” on the bill’s abortion language. I‘m surprised and disappointed Nelson accepted this.
Under the new abortion provisions, states can opt out of allowing plans to cover abortion in the new insurance exchanges the bill would set up, to serve individuals who lack coverage through their jobs. Plus, enrollees in plans that do cover abortion procedures would pay for the coverage with separate checks -- one for abortion, one for the rest of any health-care services.
Here’s the manager’s amendment. The language with regards to abortion starts on page 38.

Jill Stanek has more . So does the Corner.

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