Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Celeb Cynthia Nixon attacks Stupak amendment

Isn't it great when ignorant celebrities try to act like they're experts on a political issue? My favorite part of the interview is when CNN says proponents of the Stupak amendment argue it mirrors federal law and Nixon responds by saying "That's patently false" and then lists a bunch of reasons why she favors abortion funding (many of which are factually wrong) which have nothing to do with whether the Stupak amendment mirrors federal law.

I also find it so odd that she would use her mother's illegal abortion of her sibling as a reason for why she supports legal abortion.


  1. You find it odd that she desires to prevent other women from being criminalized as her mother was?

    I find your reasoning very odd!

  2. the good news is, every "argument" she presents is *easily* overcome by sound reasoning and can be found by simple Google searches. I think she's actually behind the game with the rhetoric she's using.

    In everything she says, she assumes the unborn are not human.