Friday, September 29, 2006

Detroit Free Press shows bias on embryonic stem cell research

In a week where the Michigan Citizens for Stem Cell Research and Cures have been made to look absolutely incompetent, the Detroit Free Press has an editorial saying this group is using "education" to stand up to "the vocal opposition that continues to stymie embryonic stem cell research." The editorial also claims this group "intend(s) to offer state residents the truth and the hope of this science to counter the noise from the religious right that has to date prevailed in setting Michigan public policy."

Bias? What bias? Try to imagine for one second how the Detroit Free Press would have responded if a large non-profit group against stem cell research (whose advisory committee included a prolife candidate for governor) was accused of plagiarism and then whose web site was taken down the day after the accusations. Can you imagine them running an editorial promoting this group a couple of days later and never mentioning the plagiarism charges/taken down web site?

Yeah, me neither.

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