Friday, April 08, 2005

Terror in Egypt

One of women in my Bible study group sent this e-mail out to everyone in our group.

I have an emergency prayer request. One of my former staff's son was
traveling overseas with friends and was the target of a suicide bomb in
Egypt. One of his friends was killed and Michiel, and his two friends
have sustained serious injuries. One will probably lose both eyes,
Michiel has sustained a great deal of damage to his arms and legs (the
bomb was filled with nails and shrapnel) and the third (who is also the
brother of the one that was killed) has severe internal injuries and is
in very critical condition. Please pray for their recovery, for their
families (who are on their way to Egypt as I type this), for their
families' safety overseas and for finances. Each ticket for the five
family members that went were $1300 plus hotel stays and other costs.

Here's a story about the attack in USA Today.

WebIndia has more on this tragic event.

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