Friday, July 17, 2015

Planned Parenthood's brand takes a hit

Planned Parenthood has be wounded and Cecile Richards knows it.  For years, undercover actors have tormented their organization and led Planned Parenthood to institute various trainings to prevent their affiliates and abortionists from being caught on camera saying or doing something which could hurt their brand. 

And now one (possibly more depending on future videos) of her leading executives (senior medical director Deborah Nucatola) got caught doing just that.

Unless David Daleiden and Center for Medical Progress’ future videos have more than this, I don’t see anyone at Planned Parenthood being prosecuted for selling unborn body parts or performing partial-birth abortions (especially since Nucatola discusses using digoxin, which kills the child, prior to doing late-term abortions). 

However, this video (and more soon to follow) strike a blow at Planned Parenthood and increase the stigma of abortion just as Planned Parenthood’s PR team has been working to reduce the stigma attached to abortion.  It’s much harder to reduce abortion stigma when your senior medical director is nonchalantly talking about preserving hearts, liver, lungs, and lower extremities of unborn children by crushing above and below the child’s torso.  If only Nucatola had said “gentle squeeze above” and “gently squeeze below.”

While Planned Parenthood tries to downplay the short video because it was edited, the full video is a treasure trove of information for prolifers as abortionists and abortion advocates are rarely this honest about what they do.  Nucatola reveals the following:

  • Abortionists on the west coast use digoxin to kill the child during late-term abortions while abortionists on the east coast do not.  She describes this as a culture war and discusses how she couldn’t get feuding sides to agree on a study to see which method was safer. 
  • Planned Parenthood has a lowly view of many independent abortion providers   
  • Planned Parenthood has 40% of the abortion market share, knows this and is proud of it
  • Nucatola sought out advice on how to “frame” the use of fetal organs for research and Planned Parenthood struggles with how to discuss the issue
  • Planned Parenthood is scared to bring any abortion case before the Supreme Court with its current composition and knew they were going to lose Hobby Lobby and the free speech buffer-zone law case 
  •  Nucatola was very open with trying to help the actors get in contact with a number of other abortionists and abortion clinic and even suggested they do a workshop at an abortion conference
  • Nucatola became an abortionist because during her residency because she treated a woman who died from complications from a legal abortion (this is not something Planned Parenthood would ever want to share publicly)
Supposedly Nucatola has been "reprimanded."

Cecile Richards couldn't defend Nucatola being open about what abortion does, so she released a video defending Planned Parenthood while apologizing for Nucatola's "tone and statements" without ever clarifying which statements were unacceptable and why they were unacceptable.  She basically apologizes for Nucatola being honest about what abortion does while eating lunch. That this honesty (all that baby organ and crushing talk) was recorded and seen by millions is what is unacceptable to Richards. Who knows if Nucatola will be demoted or fired.  Planned Parenthood probably feels that can't publicly fire her now as that would admit some great wrongdoing by Nucatola and lead to another day of news stories. 

The brand is damaged and I hope future videos will damage it more.  Planned Parenthood put themselves in this position by intentionally becoming the giant in the abortion industry. When you're the leader in the industry you have to defend your product.  Planned Parenthood would rather sell their product behind closed doors than defend it out in the open.  We can't let them do that. 

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