Thursday, October 22, 2015

Life Links 10/22/15

Nightline has a segment on the #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag.  It’s a complete puff piece which calls 200K tweets an “internet sensation.”

The city of Portland has agreed to pay the legal fees of abortion protesters in buffer zone lawsuit. 
The city will pay each of the plaintiffs nominal damages of $1, and a total of $56,500 in legal fees, according to a consent judgment approved Oct. 8 by Judge Nancy Torresen in U.S. District Court in Portland.

Planned Parenthood has plans to build a $5 million clinic in Spokane, Washington.  The clinic it is replacing does abortions. 
The nonprofit has started a $2 million capital campaign and already has raised $1.2 million toward the project, Planned Parenthood spokeswoman Tiffany Harms said. The facility will replace its existing health center, 123 E. Indiana Ave., and is slated to open in winter 2017, according to the release. It will be built just east of the current health center, which will be torn down once the new one is open.

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