Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Life Links 7/6/10

Slate's William Saletan believes the biggest lesson from the Kagan/partial-birth abortion controversy is that the courts should stop treating position papers from medical organizations as if they somehow less politicized than papers from other organizations.
But the larger problem is the credence subsequently given to ACOG's statement by courts, including the Supreme Court. Judges have put too much faith in statements from scientific organizations. This credulity must stop....

All of us should be embarrassed that a sentence written by a White House aide now stands enshrined in the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court, erroneously credited with scientific authorship and rigor. Kagan should be most chastened of all. She fooled the nation's highest judges. As one of them, she had better make sure they aren't fooled again.

In Omaha, a woman is suing her former employer because she claims the company's CEO said her unborn child was projecting a negative energy and creating a hostile work environment.

The New York Daily News reports that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy doesn't plan on retiring until after 2012.


  1. Do you have a position regarding the woman in Omaha?

    Any particular reason why my 2nd comment is missing from the 'killing for feminism' article?

  2. Rupert,
    I don't really know enough about the case to know if the claims the woman is making are true or not.

    The missing comments are weird - I thought I published it and I believe that I and/or another commenter responded to it.

    The comment moderation page doesn't have many options so I'm not seeing where I can resurrect these comments.

  3. Weird is right JJ!
    Was the employer at fault for the manner, and behavior, of how he expressed his beliefs? If so, to what extent is he justified, if any?
    It would appear the lady is quite upset, but to what extent and what damage has been done?
    The employer does seem to have a bit of a track record though.

  4. It appears to have returned but no responses follow it.

    The bottom of the article said '3 comments' right from when you posted my 2nd comment but then the comment itself went but the '3 comments' stayed.

    Ghost in the machine?