Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Keep your beliefs to yourself while I tell you what to do

At the Abortioneers blog, Sparky has a post in which she tries to equate "hands" in the saying, "keep your hands to yourself" to "beleifs(sic), morals, and laws."
It seems so simple when I tell a 3 year old to keep their hands to their self, yet somehow people are unable to transfer this very simple concept to broader arenas such as laws and beleifs. All we ask is that people remember one simple lesson: Keep your hands to yourself. In the world at large your hands might include your beleifs, morals, and laws. Regardless of what you call it, please keep them to your self. When you pray to your God, I would never try to stop you. So please just let us live our lives as we see fit.
It seems Sparky also has a problem keeping her hands/beliefs to herself and she doesn't even see it. She believes (supposedly because she thinks people should keep their beliefs to themselves) that prolifers shouldn't share their beliefs but she has no problem sharing her belief that prolifers should be quiet about their beliefs.

Maybe somebody is a little touchy-feely.

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