Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life Links 7/27/10

A teacher in Swaziland has been arrested for allegedly performing an abortion on herself in a teacher's bathroom.
The bizarre action of Gugu Dlamini has left pupils, teachers and community shocked. It is alleged that she committed the abortion at a communal teachers’ toilet and took the foetus with her, which she hid in a cupboard of her house.

The incident occurred at Mconcwane Primary School premises.

She was arrested after two pupils came home with uniforms full of blood. The pupils told their parents that they had been instructed by the principal to clean the communal toilet which had a lot of blood.

As a result, the pupils lost their appetite and are even today having difficulty eating anything because of what they went through. The teacher is out on bail.

Prosecutors in Texas have charged Bernard Cunningham with the murder of his pregnant girlfriend and are planning on asking a grand jury to include murder charges for the death of her unborn child. According to this article in the Houston Chronicle, doctors attempted to save the child via c-section but discovered a bullet had pierced the child's neck.

Michael New reviews Clark Forsythe's book "Politics for the Greatest Good."
In his book, Forsythe diplomatically tries to engage those pro-lifers who are either hostile or skeptical toward an incremental strategy. He ably shows that many leading philosophers and theologians find nothing objectionable about incrementalism. Practically speaking, Forsythe also demonstrates that incremental gains helped bring about the end of both the slave trade in Great Britain and slavery in the United States.

Former Cathlolics for Choice leader Frances Kissling has a post at the RH Reality Check blog about a conference in October she helped organize entitled, "Open Hearts, Open Minds and Fair Minded Words: A Conference on Life & Choice in the Abortion Debate.
Are there new ways or even different ways to think about these issues? Do we have anything to learn from people who disagree with us about abortion? What’s good in their arguments? Weak? Are the people who think abortion is simply one of those intractable issues where no one ever changes their mind cynics or realists?

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