Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where have all the pro-life Democrats gone?

Has some scientist who works with Planned Parenthood discovered a mixture of chemicals which, when injected, weakens the will and integrity of prolife Democrats?

Or does the desire for power and the conventional wisdom that a prolife Democrat won’t be given leadership positions or get elected to higher office make them abandon their once strong prolife beliefs.

The prolife positions rarely crumble all at once (though Dennis Kucinich's switch from 90% prolife voting record to favoring the legality of partial-birth abortion was pretty close) but instead start with favoring the funding of embryonic stem cell research or providing funding to organizations who provide abortion overseas.

The latest case of a prolife Democrat who certainly appears to be turning his back on the prolife movement appears to be Michigan House Speaker Andy Dillon (who just happens to be running for governor).

During a question and answer session with Democrat party loyalists, Dillon said he was personalized opposed to killing human embryos for research but he thought it would help the state's economy.

Yesterday, the Michigan Senate by a vote of 25-12 passed a reasonable group of bills to regulate embryonic stem cell research (in line with the Constitutional proposal which was passed in 2008) and make researchers who use embryos to provide basic information about how many human embryos they are using.

In response to the passage of these bills, Andy Dillon issued a statement with the following:
"The Senate bills appear to be political in nature and ignore both the will of the people as well as the state's Constitution," House Speaker Andy Dillon said in a statement.
Watch out for that scary 'political' legislation?

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  1. Some of the pro-life Democrats have left the Democratic party and become Republicans.