Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hi, I work at an abortion clinic and have no clue what eugenics is

Yesterday, Abortion Gang blogger Shayna commented on Nebraska's new law which requires abortionists to screen women for risk factors before performing an abortion on them.
Mental health screenings:This one amazes me, because I can easily envision dozens of scenarios where the mental health of a woman would be threatened by being forced into being an incubator for an unwanted pregnancy. Moreover, if a woman does have a mental illness, ranging from ADD to bipolar depression to schizophrenia and everything in between, the medications that are used to mitigate the effects of those illnesses, to allow their sufferers to lead normal, productive lives, are damaging to fetuses. The medications are linked to birth defects. So, if a woman is pregnant and wants to have an abortion, and is found to have a mental illness, then what?

Is she refused an abortion, and forced to forgo medication until she gives birth (is she put in some kind of cattle pen also)?

Is she forcefully medicated, refused an abortion, and stuck with a baby with birth defects ranging from mental illness to non-functioning organs?

Does anyone else hear echoes of eugenics and Hitler’s experiments?

She obviously is struggling to understand what eugenics is. Proponents of eugenics (especially negative eugenics) would want to kill the baby with birth defects from a woman with a mental illness not prevent a woman with mental illness from having an abortion.

Shayna is on the side of the eugenicists (kill the child because it could have birth defects) and she doesn't even know it.


  1. The site is called "Abortion Gang". For me, that says it all.
    If you want a less stupid argument for abortion, you won't get it from a "gang".
    Just saying.

  2. Gosh, an ignorant person working in an abortion mill. That's a first!

  3. It's important to note that not all psychotropic medications cause birth defects and while some have shown in animal studies to carry the potential for birth defects, often there are no adequate and well controlled studies done on pregnant women and so we don't know to what degree it will affect human fetuses, it may or may not cause congenital defects. Information on medications and their pregnancy categories can be found at:

    But overall, it's important that pregnancy is diagnosed early on and once pregnancy is diagnosed that the physician discusses medications alternatives which allow her to continue to be treated for her condition and which are safer for pregnancy.

    Also, this abortion clinic staff overlooks the issue that all too often women are pressured by their physician to consider abortion based on having a mental illness or because of the potential for the medication they are on to cause birth defects based on insufficient evidence and a fear of lawsuits, rather realistically discussing the risks and alternatives, such as medications which are safer for pregnancy and creating a supportive treatment plan which provides for her mental health while allowing her to continue her pregnancy.