Monday, April 19, 2010

Life Links 4/19/10

AUL’s William Saunders goes over some possible Supreme Court nominees and writes that he thinks Merrick Garland would be a tough nominee to prevent from joining the court. I’m still amazed the Governor Jennifer Granholm is still supposedly on Obama’s short list.

The Washington Post profiles possible Supreme Court nominee Diane Wood and discusses how opponents of her nomination would focus on her abortion rulings.

At Feministing, Jessica Valenti attempts to argue that prolifers see every reason a woman gives for having an abortion as being a reason based on convenience. She seemingly asserts this solely because a prolife blogger at Red State pointed out how Jessica celebrated the vandalization of a prolife advertisement and noted how the vandal’s stated reason for abortion “Now I can go to college & fulfill my dreams” was a reason based on convenience.

Maybe it’s because Jessica doesn’t spend very much time interacting with prolifers but she apparently doesn’t seem to have the faintest clue as to what prolifers typically mean when they say discuss “convenience abortions.” Typically prolifers are referring to abortions which are obtained for reasons because having an abortion would be more convenient for the mother than having a child such as “she can’t afford a baby right now” or “having a child would interfere with some other aspect of her life” or “she doesn’t want to be a single mom,” etc. Abortions which would typically fall outside of what are referred to as abortions for convenience would be abortions for reasons of maternal life, maternal health, child’s health, etc.

I’m sure Jessica thinks having an abortion because someone doesn’t want to be (or thinks they can’t be) a parenting college student is a justifiable reason for having an abortion but that doesn’t it isn’t an abortion based on convenience.

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