Friday, April 09, 2010

Life Links 4/9/10

An abortion clinic anaesthetist in Australia has been linked to 12 female patients contracting Hepatitis C.
"Accidents might involve say one or two patients, but we are dealing with a cluster of 12 patients. So at this stage there is nothing in the processes and procedures at this clinic that would enable me to explain how it happened," he said.

A nun in Chicago has apologized for her comments regarding Obama being pro-choice, not pro-abortion.

In These Times has an article about a film entitled "Silent Choices" which focuses on black women and abortion.
Through her research, she discovered not only a pervasive hush on black abortions in the public sphere, but, perhaps more surprisingly, within black families and their communities.

This silence, Pennick says, cuts across all class lines. “In my experience, both in researching and making Silent Choices as well as in my personal circles” she says, “middle-class, college-educated black women are just as uncomfortable talking about abortion or acknowledging that they had abortions as poor working-class black women.”
Another reason for the silence may be a lingering belief that grew out of the 1960s black nationalist movements: that abortion and birth control are tools of whites in power to limit the black population. “Even if people aren’t nationalistic,” says Roberts, “there’s a sense that childbearing is a positive thing that contributes to your whole community, and therefore having an abortion violates that.”

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