Thursday, April 08, 2010

Life Links 4/8/10

Tatiana McKinney joins the ranks of ignorant pro-choicers who thoughtlessly believe Dr. Emily Nzeribe’s ridiculous claim that, on average, women in Africa experience 7 unsafe abortions.

An Abortioneer discusses what breaks her heart:
The most heartbreaking case isn't the 12 year old who was raped by her stepfather. It's not the woman who is pregnant with a very much wanted pregnancy, thanks to donor insemination, and who now has to terminate because of severe anomalies. It's not the woman who thought she was 14 weeks pregnant, but her ultrasound showed 29. I can handle those. I can handle those because I'm a helper and a fixer and if my clinic is known for anything, it's helping and fixing. But the most heartbreaking case is the woman who takes pains to reassure me, to reassure my manager, to reassure my co-worker, to reassure the doctor, that she isn't a murderer.

A couple of weeks ago, I counseled one of these women. She had told me about her dissolving marriage and her plans to return to school, she had beamed while talking about her four children at home. She had expressed sadness about having this abortion, and we talked about coping and God as a forgiving presence and compassion and the spirit of the pregnancy and I said the words, "You're still a good person." At the end of the session, she volunteered another fact that didn't fit on her medical history: "I'm not a murderer." And my heart broke.

On of the Abortion Gang provides a bunch of reasons why she is pro-choice. Here's the final reason:
I had an abortion three years ago. When I found out I was pregnant, regardless of how pro-choice I was, all the years of Catholic school and Silent Scream and ridiculous, inaccurate things sprouted up in my mind. It made for a really hard time for me leading up to having the procedure, and it was hard to sift through the information for what I needed. Missouri laws also made it incredibly difficult for me to actually get an abortion, and I had to wait around and listen to false claims that abortion kills women. I had an abortion, and I have not spent one day regretting it since.

Wesley Smith on the upcoming HBO movie on Jack Kevorkian entitled “You Don’t Know Jack.”
Jack Kevorkian is a dangerous nut who should be shunned, not celebrated. But you won’t see any of this in the movie, because HBO, the producers, and Pacino don’t know Jack. And the worst part is that they—and the popular media generally—don’t want to know Jack. They have a story they want to tell and facts would just get in the way.
And yes, he does look like a killer.

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  1. Thanks for a motley reason of things to be depressed about. I'm still in an insomniac funk after watching the LLS episode that got a Peabody and realizing that it was a political choice -- an award given because Desmond Tutu had an O-gasm on a cheesy talk show.

    How come Baby Rowan richly deserved to die, and Social Justice was served by his death, but Saddam Hussein was just misunderstood and should have been left to gas Kurds in peace?