Monday, April 26, 2010

Life Links 4/26/10

The Daily Mail has a story on Amanda Moore, Britain’s smallest mother who is 3 ft. 1 inch tall, and her 14-month old son, Aidan, who is 2 ft. 6 inches. When pregnant, doctors advisted Moore to abort.
She was born with 14 broken bones and resigned herself to never having children because experts feared that her tiny frame could not cope with a pregnancy. But she accidentally fell pregnant and defied doctors' advice to have an abortion.

Amanda said: 'Doctors advised me to have a termination and we did think about it. I didn't want to die and there was a real and likely possibility that the baby growing inside me would kill me.

'But at the same time I felt a strong love developing for our unborn child I just couldn't dismiss. We both wanted this baby so much.'

Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry vetoed two abortion-related bills on Friday and signed another one into law. The legislature plans to override his veto.

Two film makers are hoping to make a glowing documentary entitled “Trust Women” about abortionists George Tiller Warren Hern and LeRoy Carhart and their work aborting late-term unborn children.
This documentary will take audiences into the day-to-day lives of these inspiring doctors, providing audiences with a fresh perspective on this controversial issue. Dr. Hern and Dr. Carhart have met separately with the filmmakers and both are excited about the project and have agreed to provide as much access as possible. Rather than presenting these doctors as one-dimensional symbols of a divisive political battle, our film will use their everyday routines, personal convictions, and community relationships as gateways for understanding these brave individuals and the many women whose lives they touch.
I wonder if film makers Martha Shane and Lara Wilson will have the courage to include footage of late-term aborted children in this documentary.

Stand to Reason’s Brett Kunkle has posted videos of an abortion debate on the campus of Cal State San Marcos between STR’s Alan Shelmon and professor Cecili Chadwick.

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  1. Hern's an odd duck. He admits among is fellow NAF abortionists that there's a lot of malpractice and "the way to avoid being sued by these idiots is to practice good medicine" -- but to the public and to lawmakers he paints a sunny picture of what stalwart and competent and careful practitioners his fellow abortionists are. Maybe he really likes those $5,000 fees to review ab/mal cases and the $20,000 plus he commands to actually testify. If the malpractice gets cleaned up, he has to do more hands-on work.