Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Obama's Reality Check web site still provides no mention of abortion

Dan Gilgoff notes that the Obama Administration still hasn't posted a response to the charge that current health care reform measures would allow government funds to pay for abortions. He wonders about the web site's complete silence on such a large issue:
Why does the White House site ignore such a big elephant in the room? I can think of two possible reasons.

The first is obvious: The abortion-in-healthcare-reform debate is one the administration would rather avoid, lest it consume the entire debate over reform. The other is that the White House sees the abortion-in-healthcare question very much as an open one and is still weighing options on exactly how government-controlled healthcare ought to treat abortion.

Have another theory?

In fact I do. It's much easier for the Obama to assert to supporters that prolife groups are making up myths and fabrications than actually provide evidence that they are. Hopes, promises and soaring rhetoric are Obama's strong suit. Providing substantial, accurate evidence for his claims isn't.

I think the abortion-in-healthcare-reform debate is one they want to avoid because they know they'll lose it. Or because it's a debate they've already lost.

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