Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Life Links 9/22/09

Some pro-choice organizations are more than a tad miffed that the Democrats in power aren't making any efforts to overturn the Hyde Amendment and are promising that no federal dollars will be used to pay for abortion under health care reform.
"But what we're being offered is not enough," she said, contending that President Obama had "traded many women's futures away" when he assured Congress on Sept. 9 that the new health plan would provide no public funds for abortion.

"In the day-to-day world outside Congress, access to abortion is not a bargaining chip or a political football," Poggi said. "It's about whether women have the chance to live healthy lives. ...It's about whether poor women and girls and women of color matter as much as other people."

In another one of those "IVF clinic makes huge mistake" stories, a woman named Carolyn Savage found out she was carrying another couple's child.
The Savages were presented with two devastating choices: They could either terminate the pregnancy, something that clashed with their religious beliefs, or they could carry the fetus to term and then hand him over to his biological parents.

That moment is rapidly approaching. Carolyn is 35 weeks pregnant and within the next two weeks will deliver the baby with his genetic parents attending the birth. At that time, the Savages will give up the infant, perhaps never to see or hold him again.

They are telling their story in the hopes that no other couple ever has to go through what they have endured.

Nature's blog reports that the FDA has given NeuralStem approval to start a clinical trial using stem cells derived from the stem cells of a 8-week-old unborn child in an effort to treat ALS patients.

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