Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life Links 9/23/09

Abortionist LeRoy Carhart is apparently considered a "rock star" to some individuals who work in abortion clinics. Here's one of his fawning fans at the Abortioneers blog:
This lovely fall day didn’t seem like it could get much better until I got to actually talk with one of our rock stars. One of our celebrity doctors. Oh, how I swooned! Have you seen that commercial where they show the co-inventor of the flash drive walking down an office corridor, people in business attire are falling all over each other and wanting autographs, and they say something like “our rock stars aren’t like your rock stars?” Okay, seriously: it was like that. I felt privileged and honored (I am not someone who gets all worried about titles and stuff) to speak to one of our super heroes: Dr. Carhart. And yes: he’s super nice. Are you jealous?
Their rock stars certainly aren't like our rock stars. I find it hard to swoon over someone responsible for the deaths of countless unborn children and Christin Gilbert, a young pregnant woman with Down Syndrome.

A teen in Pennsylvania has plead guilty to attempted third-degree murder and aggravated assault after unsuccessfully attempting to abort his child by giving his girlfriend a drink spiked with a cow hormone.

U.S. News and World Report has an interesting article on experiments where rats snorted adult stem cells and the stem cells quickly traveled to the brain.
The researchers had mice sniff tiny droplets containing adult stem cells from rats. An hour later, rat stem cells were clearly visible in the mice’s brains. To make sure the ability to penetrate the brain wasn’t limited just to those cells, they also had rats snort a second type of cells, from human brain tumors. These cells also penetrated the brain within an hour.

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