Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life Links 9/10/09

Dinesh D’Souza tries to get to the bottom of the national tragedy of abortion at Christianity Today.
Why then, in the face of its bad arguments, does the pro-choice movement continue to prevail legally and politically?

I think it's because abortion is the debris of the sexual revolution. We have seen a great shift in the sexual mores of Americans in the past half-century. Today a widespread social understanding persists that if there is going to be sex outside marriage, there will be a considerable number of unwanted pregnancies. Abortion is viewed as a necessary clean-up solution to this social reality....

If I'm on the right track, pro-life arguments are not likely to succeed by simply continuing to stress the humanity of the fetus. The opposition already knows this, as probably do most women who have an abortion. Rather, the pro-life movement must take into account the larger cultural context of the sexual revolution that invisibly but surely sustains the triumphant advocates of abortion.

Bart Stupak, a prolife Democrat from Michigan, is still holding his line saying that he and other prolife legislators will vote no on health care reform if House leadership prevents votes on prolife amendments.

National Right to Life has issued this press release in response to President Obama’s misleading claim regarding abortion and health care during his address to Congress including some questions someone in the media might want to ask Obama.
If Congress enacts that language, would your Secretary fulfill your promise to Planned Parenthood by covering abortions in the public plan, OR would you order her NOT to cover elective abortions under the government plan?

The Contra Costa Times has an article on how a Montclair resident is disturbed by graphic images of abortion displayed near an abortion clinic. The individuals quoted seem to be much more concerned about the possibility of children seeing a gruesome picture of an aborted child than the fact that such gruesome actions are taking place at the clinic.

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