Monday, September 14, 2009

Jim Pouillon Links

Abortion protestor Jim Pouillon was shot and killed Friday morning while holding a sign outside of a Michigan high school.

According to the Flint Journal, Pouillon was allegedly killed by Harlan Drake because Drake disliked his prolife sign. Drake appears to have been on a killing rampage as he allegedly killed another man before Poullion and was planning on killing another. Drake apparently also attempted to commit suicide while in jail.

The Flint Journal article also has a few notable quotes from Lori Lamerand, president of Planned Parenthood of East Central Michigan. One in which she worries about whether prolifers will “decide it’s time to retaliate.” Seriously??

One classless student told AP reporters that, "I can see someone spitting on him or punching him, but shooting him is pretty stupid."

From what I’ve seen, prolife organizations and individuals have done a good job of not acting like the actions of a lone individual are representative of the pro-choice movement. Too bad, pro-choicers didn’t do the same when George Tiller was killed.

The New York Times has an article with more background information on Poullion while the Lansing State Journal notes a gathering to remember him.

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