Friday, July 31, 2009

A Prolife Civil War?

At Alternet, Cristina Page claims the prolife movement is on the verge of a civil war (!?!?) because of Tim Ryan got botted from the advisory board of Democrats for Life.

She perpuates the lazy and thoughtless assertion that Tim Ryan was kicked off the advisory board of Democrats for Life merely because he supports contraception. Page fails to note that James Langevin is still on that same board even though he's signed on as a co-sponsor of Ryan's contraception supporting legislation. She also fails to note his booting happened shortly after he voted to allow Washington D.C. to fund abortions. But never mind that. Ryan "is committed to preventing abortion so much so that he, unlike every other pro-life legislator in Congress" worked with a pro-choice organization to discover that the best way to limit abortion is to funnel more money to Planned Parenthood, America's top abortion provider.

It's amazing she would publish this column a week after a large number of prolife organizations came together via a webcast to discuss how to prevent the stealth inclusion of abortion in health care reform. Apparently, you can overlook that togetherness when you have Jim Wallis, Frank Page and Joel Hunter speaking in favor of Ryan's legislation. In this civil war, you have Wyoming vs. the rest of the United States.

You can tell Tim Ryan is a liar from his own description of how he supposedly "got the boot."
"I went to the Democrats for Life of America's national board meeting that they had in DC a few years back and there were 50 board members or so and I gave them my pitch: If you're really for reducing abortions you've gotta be for contraception. I gave them all the statistics on unintended pregnancy and that most abortions take place for women within 200% of poverty and all this stuff and it just didn't resonate with them at all and so we had this stark disagreement and I got the boot."
So a "few years back," he advocated supporting contraception as a means of reducing abortion but wasn't kicked off then. He was subsequently kicked off a few years later because of his position on contraception which he shared a few years ago.

Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense. Either Democrats for Life is the slowest, moving organization in the world or Tim Ryan is a liar.

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