Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life Links 7/28.09

In Time, Nancy Gibbs (who notes her growing concerns with how assisted suicide is practiced in Switzerland.
Some euthanasia activists, including Dignitas founder Ludwig Minelli, believe in death on demand. "If you accept the idea of personal autonomy," he argues, "you can't make conditions that only terminally ill people should have this right." Autonomy and dignity are precious values; the phrase sanctity of life can sound sterile and pious in the face of profound pain and suffering. But Minelli is arguing for much more: that autonomy is an overriding right. This view rejects the idea that society might ever value my life more than I do or derive a larger benefit from treating every life as precious, to the point of protecting me from myself.

A woman in India is accusing her husband and in-laws of lacing her drink with drugs and then having a nurse come and kill her unborn child because the husband suspected she was having an affair.

While talking about an unborn child with a fetal anomaly, an abortion clinic worker at the Abortioneers blog lets the b-word slip out after sharing her experience with a 22-week pregnant woman who was deciding whether to have an abortion or have her child treated after birth (my emphasis).
She didn't have her abortion, as far as I know. At least not with us. And I suspect she continued the pregnancy....

I think of her every day. Every.Day. I send her loving thoughts, her baby loving thoughts. I wish for them peace and happiness. I hope that their child will have the quality of life they dream of.
This is same unborn "baby" she would have assisted in killing a few weeks earlier. Cognitive dissonance anyone?

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