Monday, July 27, 2009

Life Links 7/27/09

The New York Times has a long article on abortionist George Tiller, efforts to shut down his clinic and Tiller’s efforts to kill the prolife movement.
Confident and dryly mischievous, he told friends he had come to see himself as a general in an epic cultural war to keep abortion legal, to the point of giving employees plaques designating them “Freedom Fighters.” His willingness to abort fetuses so late in pregnancies put him at the medical and moral outer limits of abortion. Yet he portrayed those arrayed against him as religious zealots engaged in a campaign whose aim was nothing less than to subjugate women.

“If a stake has to be driven through the heart of the anti-abortion movement,” he said, “I want to have my hand on the hammer.”
For some reason, I doubt any pro-choicers responded to the above quote the way they did when prolifers used rhetoric to describe what Tiller did.

A paper in the Netherlands has an article and interview with Rebecca Gromperts which discusses the Women on Waves and how their organization and its “abortion boat” have cancelled all upcoming trips.
Gomperts' dream of a fleet of abortion boats never materialised. In fact, there never was even an 'abortion boat'. There have been campaign actions which involved boats but no abortions were ever carried out there.

Scott Klusendorf details how he shared the basis for prolife position to a class of 2nd graders at a public school without mentioning abortion.
I then asked, "What makes us equal? It can't be our body size, because some are larger than others. It can't be our intelligence, because some have good report cards while others have bad. It can't be our bellybuttons because some point out rather than in. So what makes us equal?”

From all over the room, tiny voices shot back “We’re all human!” Exactly. The only thing we all share equally is our humanness.

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