Thursday, July 02, 2009

Life Links 7/2/09

The Ohio Supreme Court has issued two abortion related rulings.

One ruling prevents the parents of a teen who received an abortion at Planned Parenthood from obtaining Planned Parenthood’s medical records. The parents wanted the records to bolster their civil case against Planned Parenthood for failing to notify them.

The other ruling finds that the Ohio legislature can regulate the off-label use of RU-486 and prevent abortion providers from prescribing after 7 weeks into pregnancy.

Planned Parenthood will be re-opening two clinics in Broward county which were shut down last year because of financial mismanagement.
The clinics will reopen at their former sites in Pembroke Pines and Oakland Park and offer exams, HIV testing and access to birth control. In the winter, the sites are likely to add add abortion services.

Last year, four Planned Parenthood clinics in Broward and one in Boca Raton were shut down amid financial mismanagement, and the national organization severed its ties.

Planned Parenthood of South Palm Beach and Broward Counties could not account for about $440,000 of its $3 million budget, and there were allegations that an annual financial report had been falsified.

Despite the rough economy, abortions in Minnesota decreased in 2008. The state’s prolife group is lauding their prolife legislation and even Kathi Di Nicola, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, says that, "the overall decline in abortion in nearly every category is positive news."

UCLA researchers have found that there molecular difference between induced pluripotent stem cells and embryonic stem cells.
“We need to keep in mind that iPS cells are not perfectly similar to embryonic stem cells,” said Lowry, an assistant professor of molecular, cell and developmental biology. “We’re not sure what this means with regard to the biology of pluripotent stem cells. At this point our analyses comprise just an observation. It could be biologically irrelevant, or it could be manifested as an advantage or a disadvantage.”

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