Thursday, July 16, 2009

Defaming Democrats for Life

I knew some pro-choice feminist bloggers were lazy but come on. Jessica at Feministing, Jill at Feministe and Amie Newman at the RHReality Check all claim Tim Ryan got kicked off Democrats for Life advisory board because he supports contraception or as Jill puts it “Congressman booted from Democrats for Life because he wants to reduce the abortion rate.”

None of them took a second to review Congressman Ryan’s voting record to see if it made sense for a prolife group to continue to have someone with a 0% prolife voting record over the last 3 years on their advisory board. Nor did they take a gander to see if anyone else who hadn’t been kicked off Democrats for Life’s advisory board supported contraception like say Nat Hentoff or James Langevin.

I guess anything to defame prolife groups, huh?

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