Friday, July 24, 2009

Life Links 7/24/09

North Dakota's only abortion clinic is attempting to block the state's ultrasound/fetal heartbeat law from going into effect on August 1. Here's one of the reasons given for the lawsuit.
Adding the equipment to allow women to hear the fetal heartbeat “would impose a high financial burden on the facility,” according to the center, which is working on behalf of the Fargo clinic.

Fr. Bernard Coughlin in First Things:
It is not faith that tells us that abortion kills an innocent life. It is science. And the more we know about it the more the phrase “a woman’s right to choose” is recognized as simply a euphemism for “a woman’s right to kill the child in her womb.....”

The president says: “We must find a way to live together.” All the while, the infant in the womb is answering: “But first I have to live.”

The LA Times has an article on the recent research showing that induced pluripotent stem cells are truly pluripotent which incorrectly states,
Cloning, in which the nucleus is removed from a cell and implanted in a fertilized egg, has never been achieved in humans.
It's been achieved but the cloned human embryos didn't live very long.

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