Monday, September 10, 2007

Father Thomas Berg on StemLifeLine

He writes,
The website, it must be said, is almost too much to believe. Is there really a market for parents to destroy some of their own offspring — the siblings to their own born children — for personal gain? My first reaction was to wonder whether it wasn't some kind of a gimmick....

Apparently, the company is for real. Founded in 2005, StemLifeLine just received its tissue bank license in May of this year. So, only recently has it begun in earnest its one and only “service” of “developing” and “transforming” unwanted IVF embryos into “useful” stem cells. Such are the idyllic euphemisms employed on the website to smoke screen the reality of the company’s dedication to embryo destruction.

Fr. Berg also discusses how the lines aren't really "personalized" and how 10 embryos might not be enough for parents to create a stem cell line from their embryonic children.

I blogged about this despicable company in May and August.

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